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RELEASES APRIL 8, 2016. Adam & I's latest EP, the 6-song Back in Tennessee, was recorded in Nashville and features "Bandwagon" and "Salida."

Back in Tennessee

  • Album Info

    Produced by Adam & I with M. Allen Parker

    Recorded at LGM Studio, Nashville, TN

    Mixed by M. Allen Parker

    Mastered by Luke Gilfeather, The Mastering Studio, Nashville, TN

    Photo by Jim Crowe

    All instruments performed by Adam & I except: Upright bass - tracks 2 & 5 - Nolan Verner, Cello - track 3 - Emily Nelson

    All songs written by Adam Melia (BMI) & Andrea Melia (BMI) except: I'm Coming Home - written by Adam Melia, Andrea Melia, and Rick Tiger (ASCAP)

    Special Thanks to Jimmy Mitchell, and all Love Good Music patrons for making this recording possible.



    1. Salida

    2. Bandwagon

    3. Icarus

    4. Do It

    5. Prettiest Girl on the Dancefloor

    6. I'm Coming Home

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