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Adam & I's self-titled debut album, featuring "We Have Love", "If I'm Taken" and "Honey I'll Take the Fall for Loving You." Released February 11, 2014.

Adam & I

  • Album Info

    Produced by Adam & I

    Mixed by Allen Parker

    Mastered by Luke Gilfeather, The Mastering Studio, Nashville, TN

    Recorded at Amelia's Living Room, Nashville, TN

    Photography by Kate Cauthen

    All songs written by Adam Melia (BMI) & Andrea Melia (BMI)



    1. We Have Love

    2. Searching for Salvation

    3. Honey I'll Take the Fall for Loving You

    4. If I'm Taken

    5. Preacher Man

    6. I'll Be Around

    7. Be Here with Me

    8. Open for Business

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