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Great American Music

Engaging presentations on the history of popular music in America


Great American Music

Great American Music Lecture Series

Reintroducing Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby

Examine the legacy of America’s most popular, beloved, but most forgotten icon. The 6 part series will cover Crosby’s music, films, entrepreneurial pursuits, personal life, and contributions to the WWII effort. 


Each lecture lasts an hour.

A lecture with a multimedia power-point presentation

An exploration of the notable names, locations, genre, and technology advances that shaped American popular music from its genesis in the late 19th century up through the mid-20th century.


This series is made up of six 1-hour lectures. 


A lecture with a multimedia power-point presentation

Meet your speaker:
Adam of Nashville Standard

Adam has been a full-time professional musician for all of his adult life and currently performs over 400 live shows each year for various public and private events in the northern Virginia area. Adam's love and deep respect for traditional popular and roots music started at an early age, as he grew up studying not only the music, but also the history behind the music of the vintage entertainment eras. Excited to convey this history to his audience, Adam’s enthusiasm is refreshing in an illuminating presentation.

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