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Thanks so much for hosting a house concert! Here’s a sample of a typical invitation. Please feel free to modify this as much as you want. Make sure you include all relevant information. :) 

House Concert Invite Email Sample

Hello Guest Name(s)!


I’m excited to tell you that I will be hosting a special house concert on ______, by Adam & I, 

a Singer/Songwriter duo from Nashville, TN. You can check them out at


If you would like to attend, and I think you would, please respond ASAP and let me know

how many people are in your party! This is a house show, so there is limited space – so of

course we want to make sure you are counted before it fills up.


Here are the details:

We will be paying the musicians through donations, so we encourage each guest to donate

or to consider purchasing a CD to support their artistic endeavors!


The concert will be a potluck-style event [if it is], so please bring a dish to share if you’d

like. We will start hanging out at ___pm [usually 7], and music begins promptly at ___pm

 [usually 8].


The event takes place at my home, address: __________________ 


[do people need to bring anything else? folding chairs, etc? Do you need to provide information about parking? If so, do that here]



Your Name

Things to remember:

It is important to, as much as possible, keep track of the number of people coming to your concert! Perhaps you can make a document to include the e-mail addresses, as well as number of people associated with them, who are coming to the show. With all of these e-mail addresses in the same place, this can also help you have a centralized location when you want to send out a reminder e-mail a couple weeks before the event. If that sounds a little complicated, you could instead use an Evite, which has this system already worked in – if you think your guests like using Evite.


We’d love to be updated on how full the house show is. If you fill up, don’t start turning people away – let us know ASAP. If we have a big enough crowd, we may book an additional show or try to find a larger venue – after a conversation with you, of course.

If you ever have any questions, please shoot us an email, we will be happy to help you out!

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