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a “simple, stripped down, old-fashioned, inspired folk journey brought up to date -- superbly and with discreet panache.” 
Adam & I

Adam & I are Adam and Andrea Melia, a Nashville-made indie folk duo that captures the energy of current Americana styles while exploring the roots of American musical forms. The husband/wife team began performing together in 2012, and between 2014 and 2016 they released a full length album, two EPs, and played over 140 shows across 39 states. They continue to perform occasion here and there.

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Adam & I - Back in Tennessee
Back in TennesseE
A New EP from Adam & I!
"Very strong... (a) collection of countrified oriented,
late night journeys through Americana."
- No Depression Americana & Roots Music  (


1. Salida

2. Bandwagon

3. Icarus

4. Do It

5. Prettiest Girl on the Dancefloor

6. I'm Coming Home

Adam & I - Meanwhile in Virginia
Meanwhile in Virginia

"...these are five songs that seem to have improved on their original duo style and 'they couldn't wait for an album'"

- No Depression Americana & Roots Music  (


1. On the Road (Not There Yet)

2. 6 Foot

3. Best Thing

4. Carolina Jean

5. Crazy Kids

Adam & I - self-titled
Adam & I

"A diamond in the rough, and a bright light shining in a sometimes dark industry... their songwriting guides you home..."

- Fresh Independence  (


1. We Have Love

2. Searching for Salvation

3. Honey I'll Take the Fall for Loving You

4. If I'm Taken

5. Preacher Man

6. I'll Be Around

7. Be Here With Me

8. Open for Business

Adam & I - These Days Sunshine
These Days Sunshine - Single
Featured as part of NoiseTrade's New & Noteable, Aug 2014



1. These Days Sunshine



Carolina Jean - Live
6 foot - Live
We Have Love - Live
If I'm Taken - official music video
Honey I'll Take the Fall - Live



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